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Couples Workshop
Spring 2024

Knowing that research on the value of Peer Support in learning demonstrates positive outcomes, bringing together couples on the topic of strengthening their relationships is a natural fit. Some key benefits of learning in a group where people can support one another, share their experiences are as follows: 

  • Increased engagement and motivation

  • Better retention of learning

  • Emotional and social support

  • Enhanced self-efficacy 

As an RLT educator I particularly appreciate this type of learning because it demystifies (or normalizes) the harmony-disharmony cycle that couples go through -- one moment I like/love my partner, the next moment I don't! (And that could be putting it mildly.) At the heart of Relational Life Therapy is teaching Repair: haromony-disharmony-repair.

The Couple's Workshop is for people:

  • who are doing relatively well in their couple (Not on the brink of separation)

  • whose mental health is stable

  • who are not contending with substance use issues

  • who practice respectful communication

  • who can take accountability for their actions (with a sense of humour if possible)

If you see yourselves in this description, please fill form below



  • Fees: $500 per couple 

  • Duration: 6 weeknight evenings 

  • Starts: date TBA 

  • Time: 6pm to 7:30pm (ET) -- Bring dinner to the room!

  • Register by March 8, 2024

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