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Relational Education for Relational Success

Relational Praxis


My name is Natalie Zur Nedden

I'm a Relational Life Therapy educator. I provide relationship education to transform your couple from status-quo, stuck, could-be-(much)-better to alive, present, heathy, and intimate. I help you develop new ways of looking at old problems, and teach useful tools that, with practice, help you get from upset to connected in no time. As Terry Real, founder of Relational Life Therapy, says, "Intimacy isn't something you have, it's something you do." I provide  you tools to help you do! 

When your primary relationships is thriving, it nourishes all others.


My work is informed by inclusivity, equity, diversity, and belonging.

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Relational Life Therapy

It is an approach that helps couples establish healthy, respectful relationships by fostering open communication, emotional intelligence, and personal accountability.

What is

Praxis is a method -- an ongoing process of reflection and applying a skill, practicing and reflecting with the intent of long-term change.

& Rates

Paramount to my work toward equity, belonging, and inclusivity, I offer accessible fees to couples wanting to do relational work.

Upcoming Couples Group

This spring, I will be offering an online 6-week couple's workshop to discover and learn from one another -- to normalize the cycle of harmony and disharmony and teach repair.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Drawing from the Relational Life Therapy model, I see couple's relationship work as planting seeds of possibilities and providing the necessary conditions to watch your relationship grow. To do so, I establish trust and safety, and through praxis, nurture openness (vulnerability), reflection, and constructive dialogue between couples with the aim of strengthening your relationship, restoring harmony, intimacy and hope.

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Is Relational Praxis right for you?

Relational Life Therapy is unique in that we take sides. RLT practitioners work with a term called "carefrontation", a blend of "care" and confrontation, to name the problem/pattern that thwarts your relationship from moving forward. When you're ready, we teach skills that transforms your relationship in a lasting way. Below are a few words that reflect the work:


Honesty & Directness


Compassion & Empathy


Respectful Engagement


Skills building & Practicing


Transforming Relationships

"Natalie provided a much needed safe container in which we were able to face the details of our conflict without getting derailed by strong emotions and make it to the other side. I'm very grateful."

M.G. (Oregon, US)

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